Globalcview is a professional network created to connect professionals around the world, where you can finally show a combination of soft skills and hard skills by posting your Video CV, traditional CV, references and much more!

We want to change the way you look for a job, where you are not just a piece of paper. Globalcview gives the chance to promote yourself and let the right job find you.

How The Idea Came About

Over the last five years the entire world went through tremendous crisis, leaving millions and millions of people unable to find work.

After reading an article about a couple of graduates who were frustrated for not finding a job, they decided to go to a busy square, wearing a sandwich board describing their skills and their experiences. Within few hours the graduates managed to get more than 10 interviews and 1 job offer.

What does it mean?

There are jobs out there and unfortunately people are not marketing themselves in a creative way.

Globalcview is very simple to use, it is accessible worldwide and divided into job categories, sectors, regions, and languages. It is completely free! To start using it, simply register and upload your Video CV and let your next job find you!

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